How to properly wash and condition a glueless wig


Glueless wigs require regular cleaning and conditioning to keep the hair fibers in optimal condition. Although it doesn’t need intense gluing and removal process of a glued wig install, it still requires proper maintenance to extend the life of the unit. Following specific care techniques for washing, deep conditioning, and air drying listed below will help you keep glueless wigs looking fresh, shiny, and tangle-free.

When to Wash Your Glueless Wig

It is necessary to know the ideal wash frequency so as to maintain the wig. For human hair glueless wigs, based on how often it is worn and activities involved, you should wash every 7 to 14 wears. The natural scalp oils that nourish real hair are absent on a wig, and thus regular cleansing is necessary. While for synthetic glueless wigs, washing should occur every 10 to 15 wears or anytime buildup, dullness or limpness is noticed. Regardless of fiber type, you can never go longer than 2 weeks without shampooing the unit while washing too frequently like after every wear can cause dryness. If you wash too infrequently, it will lead to accumulated dirt, oil, and product residue, damaging wig fibers.

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Pre-Wash Detangling and Preparation

Before wetting a glueless wig, you should thoroughly brush through the hair using a paddle brush or specialized wig brush as brushing could remove knots, tangles, and loose shedding hairs for easier washing. For added detangling power, you can lightly mist the dry wig with a wig detangling spray and leave it for 5-10 minutes before brushing so that it could penetrate the hair fibers. Moreover, you must remove any clips, bands, combs or accessories to make sure that the wig is free of restrictions.

Washing a Glueless Wig Step-by-Step

To fully submerge the wig, you should fill a sink or wide basin with enough cool water, whose temperature ought to be lukewarm and not hot. It is imperative to add a small amount of mild, sulfate-free wig shampoo specially formulated for wigs and hair extensions. In this process, you should be careful as harsh regular shampoos can strip and dry wig fibers. Then you just slowly immerse the wig in the water, push and slosh the unit to saturate all the hair, and allow the wig to soak for 2 to 3 minutes to ensure that the shampoo can penetrate the inner fibers.

Going forward, apply a bit more shampoo directly onto the roots and lace front hairline of the wetted wig and gently massage and work the shampoo down the length of the hair strands from top to bottom, distributing it evenly through all the hair. Be careful to not tangle or aggressively scrub the fibers which can cause damage.

After shampooing, thoroughly rinse the wig under cool, running water until the water runs completely clear. Repeat the shampoo and rinse cycle a second time for very dirty wigs to remove all residue. When rinsing, please avoid vigorous back-and-forth motion.

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Conditioning and Deep Conditioning

After shampooing, apply wig conditioner using the same application and rinse techniques as the shampoo process. Conditioner nourishes and softens the hair fibers while gently detangling knots and smoothing cuticles. You should make sure that the conditioner sufficiently penetrates the strands and leave the wig soaked in the conditioner solution for 3 to 5 minutes before you thoroughly rinse out to remove all traces of conditioner.

For human hair wigs, deep conditioning treatments are recommended for optimal hydration and shine. After regular conditioning, apply a deep conditioning hair mask and allow it to penetrate the wig for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing and you should do this at least monthly.

For synthetic wigs, a silicone-based conditioner is useful and be cautious to avoid heavy protein conditioners that can cause buildup. Once a month is also well to deep condition synthetic glueless wigs.

Drying and Styling Your Glueless Wig

After washing and conditioning, gently squeeze and blot excess water from the wig using a clean microfiber towel. Avoid twisting, wringing or rubbing the fibers which can cause tangles. A wide-tooth comb is a necessary tool to help you carefully detangle any knots.

Lay the wig on a wig stand or flat surface and style the fibers smoothly. Please allow ample time for the glueless wig to completely air dry, as heat drying can damage the hair fibers. And never attempt to wear the wig until it fully dries. For curly textures, air dry fully and then use a diffuser attachment on low and cool settings to refresh curls and volume.

Between washes, a leave-in conditioner or conditioning detangling spray will help you strengthen the hair and prevent shedding when brushing, allowing nutrients back into the strands.

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Key Washing and Care Tips

•Know when to shampoo based on wig fiber type and don’t exceed 2 weeks between washes.

•Always detangle gently before washing and use wig detangler sprays if needed.

•Use only specialized wig shampoo and conditioner and Handle wig delicately when washing.

•Allow wig to soak in shampoo and conditioner before rinsing thoroughly.

•Blot excess moisture with a towel, and Air dry fully and style fibers smoothly.

•Deep condition human hair wigs monthly for added hydration and shine.

•Mist wig hair with leave-in conditioner or detangling spray between washes.


Caring for your glueless wig is an important part of maintaining its look and longevity. By following the proper techniques for washing, conditioning and air drying, you can keep the hair fibers looking healthy, shiny and tangle-free. The key is using only specialized wig products and handling the hair gently to avoid damage.

In this process, you should be sure to deep condition human hair wigs monthly for extra hydration and sheen. Please mist hair with leave-in treatments between washes to nourish strands and you should avoid heat styling tools which can compromise and dry out wig fibers.

Show your glueless wig care by keeping up with a proper wash, condition and drying regimen. This will maintain the vibrant look of the wig so you can wear it for extended periods. With the right care, your glueless wig will retain its stylish appearance and last for many wears to come. Invest some care into preserving the fibers and you’ll be rewarded with a fabulous glueless wig that stands the test of time!

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